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“That’s the one thing I love about GLPTI, it’s very well-rounded. It’s not just for maintenance or just for administration. There’s a variety of opportunities. It’s always been a good experience. We tend to send 3-4 staff members or more, because we see the value in the networking and the experiences with the sessions. GLPTI is a vital part of what we do—giving opportunities to younger people coming into the field of parks & recreation, who play an important role in our region, is critical. Seeing young people who are passionate about parks and recreation, being able to continue that tradition, is so important.” 

Dennis Delor, Deputy Director
Operations, St. Clair County, MI
Has attended and presented at GLPTI for 14 years

“Our past director and current director have been very involved in GLPTI since the late 90’s, early 2000’s. Our department has had a lot of involvement with GLPTI and are big proponents of the work that goes on there. It’s a good time; it’s laid back. Let your hair down and learn versus being super serious.” 

Andy Kingsley
Hamilton County Parks & Rec, Indianapolis, IN
Has attended since 2017

“The people I met, the friends that I made, and the things we were able to share were really good. I took a lot of that stuff back, and hopefully contributed some things too. I looked forward to returning after my first year, and the next year was just as good. They have diverse educational sessions, so you don’t have to take the same thing over again. I’ve always taken something away, taken something back to the park and work with me. Learn all that you can, from anyone that you can.” 

Tim Miley, Facilities Assistant
The Olander Park System, Sylvania, Ohio
GLPTI Attendee for 3 years