Board Members

Board of Regents

The Board of Regents determine programs, objectives, curricula, related applied field research, fees, and issues that should be addressed by the Great Lakes Park Training Institute.

Regents maintain the highest possible knowledge of industry and professional trends; state and constituency needs for development and training; and practical and professional leadership needs for park operation and management activities. This knowledge allows members to evaluate, recommend, and guide the Institute as knowledgeable representatives of their agencies/states. Regents are appointed to one three year term and are eligible for reappointment to another three year term.

The Board of Regents for the 2017 GLPTI consists of the following individuals:

Name Title Agency/Employer
Jim O’Brien (Chair) Park and Recreation Manager Department of Natural Resources, Recreation Division (MI)
 Mary Beth Thaman (Chair-Elect) Director City of Kettering Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts (OH)
Brandt Baughman (Past Chair) Property Manager, Indiana Dunes State Park Indiana State Parks and Reservoirs
Alan Buckenmeyer Park Operations Manager City of Rochester Hills (MI)
Dan Caraher Landscape Operations Supervisor Deerfield Park District (IL)
Jim Eby Capital Projects and Contractual Services Manager Batavia Park District (IL)
Ginger Murphy Assistant Director for Stewardship Indiana State Parks and Reservoirs

Board of Trustees

The trustees are former regents who have expressed interest in continuing their involvement with the GLPTI after their terms have expired. Trustees assist in maintaining the quality and success of the Institute by sharing their experiences, knowledge, opinions, and expertise with Institute staff and regents. The trustees assist the regents in identifying opportunities for partnerships, promoting mutual benefit, student recruiting, networking, and solutions for practical problems.

The trustees play an important role in recognizing the history of the Institute, ensuring the future success of the Institute, and assisting in the program activities at the Institute.

The Board of Trustees for the 2017 GLPTI consists of the following individuals:

Name Title Agency/Employer
Ted Bohman Property Manager, Pokagon State Park Indiana State Parks and Reservoirs
Bill Brauer Retired West Chicago Park District (IL)
Terry Coleman Assistant Director Indiana State Parks and Reservoirs
Evelyn Kirkwood Director St. Joseph County Parks (IN)
Dan Otto Retired Schaumburg (IL)
Al Patterson Director Hamilton County Parks and Recreation (IN)