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Educational Tracks:
Park and Facility Maintenance (PFM)
Personnel and Career Development (PCD)
Natural and Cultural Interpretation (NCI)
Natural Resource Management (NRM)


2020 Schedule

*Session topics and times are subject to change

Monday February 24

Time Event Title Presenter Location
11:00 a.m. Registration Opens     Main Hallway
12:30 p.m.   First Time Attendees Orientation   Lake James Room
1:00 p.m. Workshop 1 Verbal De-escalation (PCD) Carla Sacher/Jesika Shriver-Kelch Lake James Room
  Workshop 2     Snow Lake Room
  Workshop 3 Ecological Restoration Efforts at Pokagon State Park (NRM) Rich Dunbar/Nate Simons Crooked Lake Room/On-site
  Workshop 4

Introduction to Forest Bathing (NCI)

Christy Thompson Outdoors-Meet in Lobby
3:30 General Session A Lead Your Way: Simple Communication Strategies for Every Personality Greg Petry Lake James Room
7:00 Social Event Bonfire   CCC Shelter


Tuesday February 25

Time Event Title Presenter Location
7:15  Morning Yoga     Lake James Room
8:30  General Session B State Association Executives Panel Discussion    Lake James Room
10:15 Session 1 The Future of Parks (PCD) Ian Proud  
  Session 2 Creating Inclusive Universally Accessible & ADA Compliant Outdoor Recreation Experiences for Everyone Together (PFM) Cindy Burkhour  
  Session 3 Using Citizen Science(NRM) Brittany Davis-Swinford/Tom Swinford  
  Session 4 Anatomy of Trailhead and Advisory Signs (NCI) Lise Schools  
11:15 Lunch     Dining Room
1:00 p.m. Park Tour


  Nicky Ball Meet in Main Lobby
  Networking Opportunity Topical Discussion- Safety and Environmental Crises and Challenges GLPTI Board Members Lonidaw Lounge
2:45 Session 5 Be the Coach, Not the Boss: Leading with Authenticity in Parks and Recreation (PCD) Sally Pelto-Wheeler  
  Session 6 Bringing Nature to Urban and Suburban Parks (PFM) Arnie Biondo  
  Session 7 Technology in Parks (NRM, NCI) Ian Proud  
  Session 8      
4:00 Session 9 Community Involvement and Engagement (PCD) Arnie Biondo  
  Session 10 Innovative Boardwalks (PFM) Michael Rae  
  Session 11 Beak to Tail: Indiana’s Birding Trail (NRM, NCI) Brad Baumgardner  
  Session 12 Speed Sessions    
6:00 Awards Dinner and Presentation     Lake James Room


Wednesday February 26

Time Event Title Presenter Location
7:15 a.m. Bird Hike   Nicky Ball Meet in Main Lobby
7:15  Morning Yoga     Lake James Room
8:30 General Session C Impact of Climate Change on Tourism and Parks in the Midwest Melissa Widhalm Lake James Room
10:15 Session 13 Bluegreen Algae: What It Is and Indiana’s Lake Monitoring Program(NRM) Cyndi Wagner  
  Session 14 Invasive Species Identification and Control (PFM, NRM) Phil Graf/Jesse Felix  
  Session 15 Nature Education (NCI) Cinda Hanbuck-Pinkerton/Doug Horvath  
  Session 16      
11:15 Lunch     Dining Room
1:00 p.m. Workshop 5 Drug Use in Parks (PCD, PFM) Doug Toles  
  Workshop 6 Keeping Public Health in Mind in Park and Tourist Facilities: Protecting Yourself and Our Guests (PFM) Brandon Howell  
  Workshop 7 Personally Relevant Interpretation Using Interp Bursts (NCI) Jen Seron  
  Workshop 8 Fireside Chat for New Professionals (PCD)    
2:45 Session 17 Can I Bring My Dog? (PCD) Ric Edwards  
  Session 18 GLPTI Board of Advisors Roundtable- Leadership Challenges in Your Agency/Leadership of GLPTI    
  Session 19 Designing Pollinator Gardens (NRM) Martha Ferguson  
  Session 20 Interpreting Forest Management (NCI) Lenny Farlee  
4:00 Session 17 Taking Care of Park Staff After Critical Incidents (PCD) Michael Comer  
  Session 18 Woodland Restoration (NRM) Phil Graf/Jennipher Graf  
  Session 19 Native American Use of Plants (NCI) Dani Tippmann  
  Session 20 Speed Sessions    
6:00 Game Night Social, Dinner, and Trivia Contest     Lake James Room



Thursday February 27

Time Event Title Presenter Location
7:15  Morning Yoga     Lake James Room
8:30 a.m. Session 21 Lessons Learned from 25 Years of Deer Management (NRM) Anthony Sipes  
  Session 22 PMT Program (PFM, PCD) Bill Hooker  
  Session 23 General Security Plans for Buildings and Open Areas (PFM, PCD) Larry Hess  
9:30 Brunch Buffet     Lake James Room
10:00 General Session D Top Trends in Parks in 2020 Brendan Daley Lake James Room
11:15 Institute Closing     Lake James Room