Schedule will be updated as session presentations are finalized. Schedule subject to change.

Educational Tracks:
Park and Facility Maintenance (PFM)
Personnel and Career Development (PCD)
Natural and Cultural Interpretation (NCI)
Natural Resource Management (NRM)

Monday February 25

Time Event Title Presenter Location
11:00 a.m. Registration Opens Main Hallway
1:00 p.m. Workshop 1 Park Safety- What’s the Best Model for You? (PFM, PCD) Hugo McPhee Lake James Room
Workshop 2 Protecting Yourself from Opioid Waste Exposures and Associated Infectious Diseases (PFM) Brandon Howell
Workshop 3 Engineering 101 (PFM) Michael Shrake/Greg Petry
Workshop 4 Forest Bathing-Connecting with Nature Through Sensory Immersion (NCI) Christy Thompson
3:30 General Session A Investing in Your Agency- Where,
Who, and How
Steve Wolter/Gina Depper/Matt Wolf Lake James Room
7:00 Social Event Bonfire

Tuesday February 26

Time Event Title Presenter Location
8:30 a.m. General Session B Conservation Policy William Weeks Lake James Room
10:15 Session 1 Using Social Media as an Interpretive Tool (NCI) Kaitlyn Sproles/Ginger Murphy
Session 2 Telling Your Story Through Operations & Maintenance Planning (PFM) Phillip Parnin/Travis Tranbarger
Session 3 Animal Disease Management (NRM) Nancy Boedeker
Session 4 De-escalation Situation Basics (PCD) Hugo McPhee
11:15 Lunch Dining Room
1:00 Roundtable 1 Working with Native American Communities (NCI)
Roundtable 2 Contracting vs. In-house Work (PFM) Arnie Biondo/Bill Tschirhardt
Park Tour Nicky Ball Meet in Main Lobby
Networking Opportunity Coffee with the GLPTI Board
2:45 Session 5 Recruitment and Retention of Seasonal Staff (PCD) Ryan Davis
Session 6 Meth Awareness in Park (PFM) Michael Toles
Session 7 Understanding Midwestern Ecosystems (NRM) Tom Swinford
Session 8 Operating Nature Day Camps and Programs (NCI) David Grissom
4:00 Session 9 Volunteers –An Organization’s Greatest Natural Resource (PCD) Mary Lou Randolph/Gary Schussler
Session 10 Adaptive Re-use (PFM) Patrick McKay
Session 11 Nature Play in Nature Places: Planning and Building a Nature Play Area at Your Park (NCI) Katie McGlashen
Session 12 Invasive Species- Current and on the Horizon (NRM) Megan Abraham/Vince Burkle
6:00 Awards Dinner and Presentation Lake James Room

Wednesday February 27

Time Event Title Presenter Location
7:30 Bird Hike Nicky Ball Meet in Main Lobby
8:30 a.m. General Session C Marketing to and Serving Diverse Populations Juan Carlos Acevedo Lake James Room
10:15 Session 13 Working Injury Free-Implementing the Core Six Safety Principles (PFM) Bill Hooker
Session 14 Inclusive Playgrounds Made Simple (PFM, NCI) Ian Proud
Session 15 Native Trees and Plants in
the Great Lakes Region (NRM)
Phil Graf
Session 16 The Languages of Staff Appreciation (PCD) Ryan Davis/Addie Weaver
11:15 Lunch Dining Room
1:00 Workshop 5 Zoning as a Park Planning Tool (NRM) Debbie Jensen
Workshop 6 Protect Yourself! Job Task and Equipment Safety Through Practice and Participation (PFM) Bill Hooker
Workshop 7 Connecting with Parks on STEM (NCI) Kristen Marks
Workshop 8
Speed Session 1 Authority of the Resource (PCD) Ginger Murphy
Speed Session 2 Snake Fungal Disease Management (NRM) Angie Manual
Speed Session 3 Stretching to Avoid Workers Comp (PCD) Lisa Cowen
2:45 Roundtable 3 Fireside Chat for New Professionals (PCD) Adam Grossman/Skye MacKenzie/Nina Onofrietti Lonidaw Lounge
Roundtable 4 Creative Fundraising (PCD) Lori Birkes
Networking Opportunity
4:00 Session 17 Bike Park Maintenance and Upkeep Practices (PFM) Rich Moore
Session 18
Session 19
Session 20 Stormwater Management (NRM) Bennet Knox/Jason Canuel
6:00 Dinner, Game Night Social, and Trivia Contest Lake James Room

Thursday February 28

Time Event Title Presenter Location
8:30 a.m. Session 21 Equipment in Natural Resource Management (NRM, PFM) Justin Emmons/John Miller/Shane Morse
Session 22 Surveys and Focus Groups (PCD) Gina Depper
Session 23 You Don’t Have to be an Artist to Offer Art Programs: Arts and
Interpretation (NCI)
Angie Manual
Session 15 Native Trees and Plants in
the Great Lakes Region (NRM)
Phil Graf
9:30 Brunch Buffet Lake James Room
10:15 General Session D The State Parks Movement in America Jerry Reisinger Lake James Room
11:15 Institute Closing Lake James Room