Educational Tracks:
Park and Facility Maintenance (PFM)
Personnel and Career Development (PCD)
Natural and Cultural Interpretation (NCI)
Natural Resource Management (NRM)


2020 Schedule

*Session topics and times are subject to change

Monday February 24

Time Event Title Presenter Location
11:00 a.m. Registration Opens     Main Hallway
12:30 p.m.   First Time Attendees Orientation   Lake James Room
1:00 p.m. Workshop 1 Verbal De-escalation (PCD) Carla Sacher/Jesika Shriver-Kelch Lake James Room
  Workshop 2 Trail Building (PFM) Willie Bittner Snow Lake Room/On-site
  Workshop 3 Ecological Restoration Efforts at Pokagon State Park (NRM) Rich Dunbar/Nate Simons Crooked Lake Room/On-site
  Workshop 4

Introduction to Forest Bathing (NCI)

Christy Thompson Outdoors-Meet in Lobby
3:30 General Session A Lead Your Way Greg Petry Lake James Room
7:00 Social Event Bonfire   CCC Shelter


Tuesday February 25

Time Event Title Presenter Location
8:30  General Session B State Association Executives Panel Discussion    Lake James Room
10:15 Session 1 The Future of Parks (PCD) Ian Proud  
  Session 2 Improving Playground Accessibility (PFM) Cindy Burkhour  
  Session 3 Using Citizen Science(NRM) Brittany Davis-Swinford/Tom Swinford  
  Session 4 Anatomy of Trailhead and Advisory Signs (NCI) Lise Schools  
11:15 Lunch     Dining Room
1:00 p.m. Roundtable 1      
  Roundtable 2      
  Park Tour   Nicky Ball Meet in Main Lobby
  Networking Opportunity Topical Discussion   Lonidaw Lounge
2:45 Session 5 One Thing You Should Know Best (PCD) Sally Pelto-Wheeler  
  Session 6 Bringing Nature to Urban and Suburban Parks (PFM) Arnie Biondo  
  Session 7 Technology in Parks (NRM, NCI) Ian Proud  
  Session 8      
4:00 Session 9 Community Involvement and Engagement (PCD) Arnie Biondo  
  Session 10 Innovative Boardwalks (PFM) Michael Rae  
  Session 11 Beak to Tail: Indiana’s Birding Trail (NRM, NCI) Brad Baumgardner  
  Session 12      
6:00 Awards Dinner and Presentation     Lake James Room


Wednesday February 26

Time Event Title Presenter Location
7:30 a.m. Bird Hike   Nicky Ball Meet in Main Lobby
8:30 General Session C Impact of Climate Change on Tourism and Parks in the Midwest Melissa Widhalm Lake James Room
10:15 Session 13 Algal Bloom Management (NRM) Cyndi Wagner  
  Session 14 Invasive Species Identification and Control (PFM, NRM) Phil Graf/Jesse Felix  
  Session 15 Nature Education (NCI) Cinda Hanbuck-Pinkerton/Doug Horvath  
  Session 16      
11:15 Lunch     Dining Room
1:00 p.m. Workshop 5 Drug Use in Parks (PCD, PFM) Doug Toles  
  Workshop 6 Keeping Public Health in Mind in Park and Tourist Facilities: Protecting Yourself and Our Guests (PFM) Brandon Howell  
  Workshop 7 Personally Relevant Interpretation Using Interp Bursts (NCI) Jen Seron  
  Workshop 8 Fireside Chat for New Professionals (PCD)    
2:45 Session 17 Can I Bring My Dog? (PCD) Ric Edwards  
  Session 18 GLPTI Board of Advisors Roundtable    
  Session 19 Designing Pollinator Gardens (NRM) Martha Ferguson  
  Session 20 Interpreting Forest Management (NCI) Lenny Farlee  
4:00 Session 17 Taking Care of Park Staff After Critical Incidents (PCD) Michael Comer  
  Session 18 Woodland Restoration (NRM) Phil Graf/Jennipher Graf  
  Session 19 Native American Use of Plants (NCI) Dani Tippmann  
  Session 20      
6:00 Game Night Social, Dinner, and Trivia Contest     Lake James Room



Thursday February 27

Time Event Title Presenter Location
8:30 a.m. Session 21 Lessons Learned from 25 Years of Deer Management (NRM, PFM) Anthony Sipes  
  Session 22 PMT Program (PCD) Bill Hooker  
  Session 23 Jackson Park Renovation (NCI)    
9:30 Brunch Buffet     Lake James Room
10:00 General Session D Top Trends in Parks in 2020 Brendan Daley Lake James Room
11:15 Institute Closing     Lake James Room